Introducing a new product category to the market always presents a challenge, especially if it’s a concept that sounds as if it could have been taken from science fiction. When Space-Time Insight wanted to raise visibility for its “situational intelligence” solution, Kickstart realized that next-generation analytic capabilities were what made the technology cool. (The company’s software transforms vast quantities of data into highly intuitive visual displays — like in those futuristic films where leaders take control of an unfolding crisis in front of a giant screen.)

Beginning with an industry where Space-Time Insight has seen some serious customer traction, we created an educational campaign focused on showing off just what situational intelligence could do. The hitch was that the utilities companies that had seen success were also highly regulated and not always able to talk to the press. With a good enterprise business technology story to back us up, we nevertheless succeeded in securing coverage in 8 of our top 10 vertical industry targets, in addition to landing hits in business and IT press.

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