Strategy counts! Creekpath Systems, an innovator in storage solutions, came to Kickstart Consulting with one “hush hush” objective: the endgame was acquisition. Our rapid fire, multi-pronged approach for putting this company with virtually no visibility on the radar of potential suitors included an analyst/pundit blitz, the creation of a press release stream which made “news” out of the company’s strengths, a product launch blast, and the placement of “thought leader” executive bylines. This strategy supported Creekpath’s game plan beautifully, and in only six months, the company inked a deal with Opsware.

Laying the groundwork included securing analyst reports and valuable briefings with storage-expert analysts from firms including The InfoPro, Gartner, Enterprise Strategy Group, Robert Francis Group, IDC, Evaluator Group, StorageIO and The451. Coverage? We hit them all: from IT business venues including Computerworld, Network World, and CIO Update, to storage and IT wonks at TechTarget, InfoStor, EnterpriseIT Planet and Network Computing.