We arrived in Pontevedra. Hot and muggy, but mostly a pretty walk. But that second hill today... oof. Anyway, we survived. Took advantage of every water spot. 


Crossed a great old bridge that was part of a Roman route. Later big battle and Napoleon was handily driven out of the area. This bridge (see picture) allows two-way traffic. No lights on either side, people just magically know to wait. 


Late afternoon, the Camino arrows took us on a crazy 75 min walk through a forest, along a creek, out to some corn fields and beside some mint patches.  Really, I think we went in circles and passed the same mint/corn areas multiple times. I'd put € on the idea that there is probably an easy 20-minute route that non-pilgrims use.  

Now 50+ fires in Galicia (heard on the news at the hotel). 

We did not get too much smoke, but fire planes picking up water all day were directly overhead for a few hours (see picture of lake... planes dropping in all day long). Our Camino still is safe -- fires south of us.