Visited cathedral. Like the Tomar chapel/castle, on a hilltop. But built with local money vs. Knights Templar funds. Big differences, not as ornate, complex, detailed. 

11th century, very interesting blend of Moorish/Arabic with French/Flemish fancies added later. For example, the Flemish style altar is only 500 yrs old, while the whole building is about 900 yrs old. 

See chunky front portal and most of building exterior with Arabic influence. Here the front portal, view from the back (exterior rotunda) and view from the cloisters of the tiled dome. 

I've never seen this tile work in churches of other countries I've been too. The bishop's stone tomb is from the Chaucer era, but check out the Moorish tile above him. 


And this includes a picture of the "new" Flemish altar from the 1600s. 

Provided by Google. 

Provided by Google. 

Below is a "new" statue of Mary.


One is close up because she's really pretty and one further away so you can see the tile below her.


And finally, the French style "Beautiful Door." It looks incongruous!