31 hours in Lisbon

Jorge greets us at airport. He can drive while turning around talking to us in a blend of Spanish and Portuguese! Even up and down windy 1-car streets. 

We took no Tuktuks! (pictured) too touristy.   

Great tiny flat in Alfama district.


Took a river tour. There's a Christ Redeemer across the Tagus River from Lisbon. And a much longer Golden Gate-like bridge (called Ponte 25 de Abril).


First walk, Castelo de Sao Jorge atop a hill. Popular with Phoenicians in 700BC,  Moors built first stronghold version in 700s, Christian kings started to remodel in 1100s. Walked battlements of ruins, cisterns and spouts everywhere. The only castle I've ever seen with archeological digs.


Date Night!

Out happily late last at a tiny restaurant on a tiny street (OMG the streets here!!) Eventually a delicious dinner, and heard a tiny woman with a giant voice sing fado as one young man played guitar and the other played something that reminded me of a mandolin.


Good morning from Lisboa!! Wednesday and no jet lag at all! (Probably the great wine, dinner, and Fado last night was key💖) Packed and strapped on bags, found the train station without even a map. (Yay Mike!). Off to Santarem!!! Great double coffee at the train station for only .70 €.

Made it to Santarem. Accidentally toured the city before we found our room.


Yay, we found our first yellow Camino arrow! 


And Mike is casually browsing the map. 


Mike, our first hike up, up to town.