We walked to Mealhada today; pretty flat for the most part and even the long grades seemed like cake compared to Coimbra old town and the previous 2 days!  Our walk was great. Pilgrims say that it takes 4 days to adjust. I suppose not walking hills, with heat and no shade, and not 18 miles helps too!

We passed through a lot of small villages, not as rustic as the last few days. Most houses were more modern materials and architecture. 

I had fun today taking people pictures! Enjoy! 

The man here drove by several times, and when we said hello, he fished around in the mo-ped carrier to give us fruit and Jordan almonds. 

We ended up staying at a nice resort is a small town. Dinner ... oh gosh. Finished a whole bottle of their local wine
(never done that). Leitao for dinner. So good. 

One of the most popular and popular regional dishes of the Bairrada region in Portugal , having been named one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal's Gastronomy. And it's served with orange, a great peppery and almost sour marinade, and batata frita (homemade chips). The waitress, Lydia, was so excited when she served us because she knew we never had it before. Otherwise, been eating on the cheap!