Good sleep in "umbrella town" last night. Tiny but very clean comfy room with a terrace. Apparently usually given to pilgrims, who tend to wash clothes. :-)


As we wound our way up the hills and out of the village, a grandma called out something like "bom voyage" as she heard Mike's poles clacking on the street. 


Lots of modern houses today, and a smaller industrial area, including a mini tech area! Silicon Valley?? (4 companies)


Side note, upon passing a postal hub: Postal fleet much more updated than our old USPS jeeps! Love the bright red logo and the excited delivery guy on horseback tooting his horn!

We met a (tall blonde!) woman pilgrim from the Netherlands. She too is more of a private room gal, like us. Also saw many packs of Fatima pilgrims following blue arrows (the other direction). Assuming they will arrive by Oct 13 for centennial anniversary.  But these are not hale and hearty like our Santiago pilgrims. Most "Fatimites" were wearing matching reflective (CalTrans) vests, with small day packs (indicating luggage transport service), AND I think we saw a chaser truck following them. 


Saw guys fishing off an old Roman path (reinforced medieval bridge in the background)

Arrived in Albergaria-a-Velha,  originally founded some 900 years ago for pilgrim hospitality. Beautiful modern fountain leading into the town. Sadly, there is some sort of national holiday, so much of the town is closed. Regardless, pretty excited that we knocked out our 10 miles to arrive at 1 pm.  Good, since we'll get up early to do 18 miles tomorrow. 


We have a room above this place. Best food in town, so they say! The owner enters the annual Sopas (soup) festival, and regularly wins in the restaurant category