Don’t settle for a junior team: today’s fast-paced media world demands experience. We’ve held management positions at name-brand agencies, driven launches for luminaries and tech giants, and even sat on your side of the desk. We know what it takes to get a real story ready for prime time.

We are passionate readers, writers and active participants in the media. Beyond our day jobs, we also author books (check out one of the latest: drink: A Four Year Survival Guide), write blogs, dash around for People Magazine, run a #1 ranked twitter feed for college-bound students, and chair book festivals.

Annette Shimada, Principal
“It starts with why a company needs PR. Eliminate FUD in the sales cycle? Attract partners? Support an exit strategy? Expand into a new market? We build a program with the audience, messages, and strategies geared towards the right outcome.” 


Theresa Smith
“I love helping companies figure out their story, even if it's not exactly the story they were originally thinking should be told. It is very rewarding to find the spark! ” 



Maria Bradley
“It's a pleasure to use a full range of experience at both large companies such as Dell, Macromedia, and Adobe, as well as agencies to help build up companies in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.”                                                                                                                                         


Shannon Takaoka
"I am passionate about both technology and growing the client’s business. And, because I think in dialogue, I know what my interviewee means to say. By pairing this with understanding that goes beyond one interview, I can craft messages that hit the right audience."


Gail Norris
"My background as a reporter has given me a unique ability to quickly understand and assess most any topic - from GIS and communications technology to cancer-fighting devices and biopharmaceuticals - to deliver compelling content that will catch readers’ eyes, whether its in print, on the web or in marketing collateral."

Amanda Orr
“My career has spanned everything from doing traditional press conferences for companies like SAP to hosting a party at the Playboy Mansion for consumer tech clients. This breadth brings enormous amount of creativity to the table.” 



Laurie Gibson
“After 20 years in the business, I still get a natural high from creating an attention- grabbing pitch and generating coverage that counts. And there's nothing so validating as when a reporter calls me for assistance.” 


Robyn Fernsworth
“I've worked with a few agencies, but only at Kickstart has a client referred to the team as Samurai Warriors. I laughed at first, but the name fits: we are incredibly focused, strategic, and disciplined.” 



Stuart Froman
"Since launching my career in the 1980s, technology has surged, imploded, and risen again. Along the way, I’ve written thousands of stories about game-changing technologies, and even taught courses on how this should be done."



Claudia Arnett                                "Building up social engagement is about digital storytelling and building relationships and shareability that go beyond a client's offering. This creates a circle of goodness, better content, quality followers and credibility."


Ed Baum “Clarity of message is the guiding star as I write about emerging technology and its impact on business. There’s also a human-interest element to be revealed in almost every tech story. That’s an opportunity to elevate content from mere communication to something engaging and memorable.”