Left Tui a bit later than we hoped. Newsflash: there's a 1-hour time difference when crossing the border into Spain! So this, plus a lively dinner the night before with Florence (French), Fiona (Irish) and their new friend Brian (also Irish) meant getting up normal Pilgrim Early not-gonna-happen. 

Nevertheless, after a morning of walking through Little Red Ridinghood's woods, we successfully arrived at our Airbnb room with Lena. By the way, the folks in Mos seem to take their scarecrow tradition quite seriously.

Walking thru the woods. These paths are much wider than in Portugal, fewer doggies 'leave behinds' and mostly packed dirt rather than stone/cobblestones.


This it a picture of a typical house... granite blocks. It's amazing. We sometimes see piles of these blocks in pre-construction areas. Not sure where the quarries are.


Saw a LOT of these curious structures... in parks, in people's yards. Always narrow, always off the ground; sometimes wood, sometimes slats, sometimes stone. This one is small and decorative. the 'real' ones were much larger. We found out they were used to store corn grain for cattle, but they also served to showcase a family's position. Stone vs. wood structures means a wealthier family, Sometimes we'd see a stone frame with wooden slats, sometimes all wooden structures. They are raised so that mice can't get up to eat the goodies. More legs supporting the structure means a wealthier family (we saw some with as many as 8 legs, and appropriately larger as well). Later in Santiago, you could buy little keepsakes in this shape.