Philadelphia - Day 2

Irish memorial at Penn's Landing. Happy side (arriving in America), sad side (Irish famine leads to death). 

And in other news, make sure you have a full 6 months before passport expires before you travel! #SecondDayinPhiiy, #SillyLAX!


Stroll up the "tree" streets (Chestnut and Walnut) past the City Gate. Let me tell you, this is much more than just a gate! Bronze statue of William Penn thought to be largest bronze atop a building. 


Bronzes everywhere!

Here, at the Masonic Temple Building.

Here, at the Masonic Temple Building.

Found it! If there's a China Town in any town, my family will find it.


Lunch at Parc, a belle epoque style bistro on Rittenhouse Park, a very tiny area. Watching a thoughtful artist, strollers, dog walkers. Ladies who lunch at the next table.


Then after lunch a stroll back down Locust (who was in charge of that name?!) to 200 Chestnut to collect updated passport. Everyone in the office is phenomenally nice. 


Visited the Betsy Ross house. Much more interesting than I ever imagined. It's one of the few 18th century houses still standing. Was almost demolished, but rescued in the 1920's by an individual with a vision. She was an extraordinary entrepreneur. Instead of learning the lady- like aspects of running a household, she apprenticed with an upholstery tradesman. She ran an upholstery shop in the house (she rented rooms, did not own) outlived 3 husbands. She married outside her family's Quaker faith (not initially popular with her family). During the revolution the business climate was tough, so she made ends meet by getting government contracts making flags for the PA Navy, and making musket balls & bullets for the Continental Army. When she made the first US flag, she had to do so in secret as British soldiers usually took rooms in private houses like hers. This woman worked until she was 76 (!), and she lived to the ripe old age of 84. 


And in other news, drinking a cup of morning chocolate was thought to ward off maladies including gout and small pox.